Johnny Week 17: Embrace the Suck!

This week (like all others it seems) has been amazing. I am enjoying the Franklin makeover and I’m focusing on the virtue of self-control. I am still experiencing some what of a high from kindness week and am still consciously performing as many kindnesses and observing as many kindnesses as I can.

Lots of things have been coming to me at the right time this week ,videos coming across my social feed, memes with inspirational quotes relating exactly to what have been meditating on ( grappling with…lol), certain conversations with an unexpected person, situations that continue to allow me to see the kindness and beauty in people and things that I never noticed before, including myself.

One was a video of a man enthusiastically, and colorfully at times telling his story of a rough childhood, adolescent depression, difficult, puposeless early adulthood followed by his massive shift, which started his journey towards becoming a navy seal. He succeeded, but not until his third attempt…..3 hell weeks in one year. Injury physically stopped him from being able to complete the first two attempts, the third, still injured, he completed anyway. He forced himself to embrace the Suck, now he had some real suck to deal with compared to most of us, but his advice was to do something that sucks every day… If you don’t want to clean out the car, do it any way, if you don’t want to do the dishes, do them, do laundry, walk the dog, clean the gutters, rake leaves, chop firewood…. Anything….Do them anyway…embrace them, that is when we grow…. It’s like og says, I can increase my accomplishments of yesterday, a hundred fold or more….no longer will I indulge in praise for self deeds which are too small to acknowledge. I can accomplish more, and I will.

So, since these well timed powerful reminders, I am doing just that…. Doing things I know are good for me, but require dedication and discipline. Small things in the big picture, but a physical expression of my desire and commitment to grow, and be better….I could tell you exactly all the things I’m doing, the details don’t matter. What does matter is that I am feeling successful…….I am being positive, kind, encouraging, and disciplined, with self control… My first three virtues in the makeover…. As a result of the last 16 weeks, I am now looking forward to doing most of my sucky activities and embrace the challenge, feel the friction, embrace the Suck. I feel really good after doing them…. It’s awesome…. They will soon be habits that I enjoy, and do without thought.

I am focusing on the thoughts I want, the outcomes I want, not the ones I don’t want…. I’m ready to give myself permission to use my power, to create the exact reality I want, I give myself permission to be happy!

Can I have an AMEN!

I never give up, I persist, and I succeed!


5 thoughts on “Johnny Week 17: Embrace the Suck!

  1. Yes, you can get an “AMEN!” Thought you had the seed of another great blog in you around this idea. You said it, the growth comes when we embrace and persevere through the perceived obstacles – which are really opportunities in disguise. Your growth and journey is inspiring to many!!

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