Week 17HJ Johnny

Hello again everyone in the blogosphere…..As always, another amazing week of incredible insights, humbling reminders, and continued focus, and concentration.

Ill always be amazed at the speed of certain shifts….. In the middle of my best week yet, staying really positive, it happens, it seems all your hard work goes for a shit in one moment…..I can’t help but laugh…. I was so focused… feeling like I am love, I am the light, nothing could interrupt this high…. being as kind and generous as i can imagine…..sadly i did not realize how much more i could do…..a moment comes where something i didn’t do well comes to light, and into discussion….. at that very moment I was picked up and stuffed in a sound proof plexi glass box…. i watched in horror as my old blueprint, fueled by my demanding, defensive, insecure ego, behaves in ways I was sure we’re gone, couldn’t be conjured, do not work….. you watch yourself saying and doing the exact opposite of what you want to be saying and doing…lol…. the moments pass, and calmer heads prevail….i eventually can see what had just happened….. it is a very quickly delivered, harshly accepted reminder, that one never really has it all figured out, and should refrain from pontificating, regardless of the purity, passion, and motivation of your intentions…. it’s just the ego trying to prove how smart it is, which somewhat poetically proves just the opposite…….so……back on the bike, get centered…. read affirmations on who you actually are, who you intend to become…. have a sit, play some music, go for a walk, read the scroll…. find some bliss…. peacefulness returns, confidence that I got this returns…. every obstacle is an opportunity, to bring me closer to greatness…. do not fray from the exercises, your promises, your services, even for a day…. or it all falls apart in your hands…. immediately….. stay in the flow, focus on the desired out comes, not on how to get there….. this hero is answering the call, …setbacks, plot twists, flesh wounds, will only fuel my resolve….I will succeed…. what a great week…. looking forward to Sunday.


4 thoughts on “Week 17HJ Johnny

  1. Johnny, an honest observation of what can happen and then come to realize what could be corrected. Self correction as truth was exposed. Ego can be hard to see but you did a good job recognizing it and exposing it. Enjoyed your honest post. Keep growing


  2. You are wearing your heart on your sleeve; open to the observer (to yourself and your MKE team)! Count your blessings; be thankful for everything, as we have been reminded. Persistence wins the day–you’ve got what it takes. Keep up the work. CHEERS!


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