Johnny Week 18

Hello blogledites, out of our caves we come for another blog post….what is it this week…am i on step, doing all I can, staying positive? Am I following the chores. (haven’t gone too far on the shapes, but I will make more). Overall a good week.

What IS awesome is that I have been getting my 12 year old boy to write his gratitudes to himself, nice things he has done. ( I’m glad there are three things he is grateful for, and a positive experience in the last 24hrs…I also bought him the book, ” Jonathan Livingston Seagull. I loved this book. I have been getting him to update me on the progress of the story each day. With some warning I finally told my son no more after school media , books and music only…. Overall he was very hesitant at first, going on about how it interferes with his play time,( mostly shite video games},,,, but over the course of the week he has had a shift…..he definitely gave minimal effort at first…BUT… yesterday after school he was waiting for me when I got home a bit late., he was excited to read his gratitudes…he was finally giving more than one word what are you grateful for…food….geesh,… amazingly enough he started tapping into realizing how pampered and easy life is for him , and feeling grateful for all he has, the million good things compared to the handful of bad things

On top of that, the best thing ever happened.

I PLAY MUSIC, and I have lots of amazing gear, many different instruments….The boy is finally learning some good music theory at school, and out of nowhere he comes home and says ” I want to play guitar” This was music to MY ears.

First of all… I am a guitar player, and I have been for over 30 yrs ( yikes)…as I said, I also own many different instruments ( sax, clarinet, banjo, trombone, mandolin, fiddle, drums, and a pile of percussion stuff. I struggled hard with waiting for the time he wanted to play, I encouraged him to try any one regularly…I had suggested we practice guitar lots, but he has small hands, and didn’t get instant results, so he never pursued it….he did however latch onto the drums and has become quite proficient. He has always been and remains a fearless singer with great pitch and charisma as well…. both of us were pleased that I was about to show him some stuff without either of us getting frustrated…haha…. he quickly learned a few chords and bass lines, and has since getting getting up early before school at like 6:15 to play for and hour and a half before school….whaaaat?….I was amazed… and very excited for him, and for our future father son show, which I have been slowly manifesting for years… and thinking about that a lot lately…I believe doing his writing of gratitudes and positive experiences, looking for acts of kindness, and feeling good about himself, the tools for staying in a positive mindset, have pushed him over the threshold, where he is willing to work towards getting good at something….he sees me succeeding with some of my disciplines, and he has engaged…I couldn’t be more excited, it’s inspiring me too. IAm going to support and nurture this new challenge in his life and pass on a much knowledge as I can.



3 thoughts on “Johnny Week 18

  1. WOW! This was such an inspiring and incredible post! Good for you for making those changes with your son (no games, media, etc…) and the results that exchanging those old habits with the new of gratitude’s and such has made! So happy for you both and thanks so much for sharing Johnny!


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