Blog 22- Johnny

I am master of my emotions…well, mostly….I am continually amazed at how each scroll captures the behaviour and actions I am battling with during the month it is being read. Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy, so motivated one moment and so dejected the next…Apparently I am in tune with the moods of nature….lol….I do believe I am suffering from a bit of not wanting the course to be over, to have a bit more time to nail down all of my new good habits. Again, I remind myself, I am changing behavioural patterns that have been in place for 45 years, and must appreciate the fact that they are hard to completely change in just a few months. I accept that this is a life long journey, and my commencement is just the beginning. I have the confidence to go forth knowing the person I am becoming, visualizing with more and more clarity, acting instead of just thinking, doing it NOW! I have a deep tool box of  tricks, and tips to keep me on the path. I have Og, and Haanel to reference for inspiration and reminders of how the mind and universe works, simple analogies to remind me how to recognize my deviation from the true reality. I have my amazing index cards to remind me of all the wonderful things I have done, and all the amazing things I am grateful for. I am surrounded by love and support, from my partner, family, tribe, and all of my fellow members of this MKE journey. My first stage DMP is coming into reality, but now, its time to step  up, and put my gifts into real world changing service, its time to abandon thoughts of limitations, restrictions, lack, worry, fear, and frustration which still find ways to creep into my mind. I am so grateful for this opportunity to really look at myself. See how I have been, understand who I actually am, and become all that I am meant to be. I persist, and I succeed….Thank you to everyone who has commented and encouraged me, and shared this crazy trip with me…..I love you all….Cheers.



One thought on “Blog 22- Johnny

  1. Take heart, my friend! Your growth has been tremendous over the course of the past 6 months journey. And, as you’ve pointed out, you’re still a work in progress – we all are. Just know you’ll always have the support of your fellow travelers – the MKMMA!


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