Week 16  Kindtagious

I have been enjoying this week very much. I find myself fully revitalized on my MKE mission, I have some time and space to focus the way I want to on the exercises, the readings, and the always challenging mental diet.

The MKE exercises have been amazing,  great tools, brain trainers, to keep my own goals and behaviors in my mind, with the use of repetetive readings, and associations with shapes, colours and index cards. Now they are pretty much habits, good habits……But I must say, this shift into looking for the virtues in other people’s actions has been the eye opener that was promised. The Franklin makeover is really resonating with me, as a practical application of all that we have been learning.

This week of kindness has been particularly powerful. Firstly reading all the RAKs on the kindness page has been wonderful, people are getting into it, and myself too, I have been visiting and posting kindness’ every day. It has inspired me to think of new ways to be kind, and notice kindness all around me.

All of a sudden I am having some real success with the mental diet…I don’t think I’ve made it a whole day yet, but really close…a very interesting thing happened to me on the way to work the other day. Myself and 3 crew mates travel by truck for three hours to get to our remote work site on the west coast or Vancouver island. During the trip my MKE course came up. We had a laugh when I started saying all the acronyms we use in the course, because we have an incredible amount of them in the coast guard as well.  I wasn’t nervous of talking about it with the boys, and they quickly saw my passion for the course. 

I have often been a bit of a crusty sailor so to speak, with a sharp sarcastic wit, and for me to be attempting to be so kind and gentle and to better myself in such ways took them a little bit by surprise. Before our truck ride was over we were already catching each other voicing negative thoughts, we were reminding each other already to maintain our PMA( positive mental attitude). Being government workers it is very easy to complain and whine about our system and our management approach and the ‘waste of money and resources and a whole host of other issues. These can keep you in a negative mindset. We did however remind ourselves just how good our jobs are, and how fortunate we are to have them and this became the new focus. As the week has progressed it hasn’t gone away, each day we are choosing as a group to focus on positive ideals and positive attitudes about our situation, anytime one of us says something noticeably negative not just me but the other boys would say” hey where is your PMA” this made me chuckle and warm my heart. Just today as I was in my room one of my crewmates was whistling Zippity Doo Dah what a wonderful day while getting his laundry,  I came out of my room and said wow good song buddy and he replied “well I’m just keeping up my PMA” again I laughed this time out loud.

Kindness is contagious, once you address the concept and bring it out in the open, people naturally want to be kind, it’s easy for us, somehow we have been trained to complain and see the negative side of people and situations . When you start looking for kindness and positivity you see kindness and positivity all around you , I didn’t think it would be this noticable when I began the makeover, but now I see it to be very true.

 The mental diet seems to be taking care of itself when kindness is your focus.  My humor has changed, my routines are changing,  my willingness to do things for other people is expanding , knowing that helping others, is truly helping myself, is a wonderful feeling. I think every week is going to be kindness week in my world from now on, the feeling of excitement I’m getting to find ways to be more kind, and see it motivating others to be more kind, is very rewarding and inspiring, you could say its “Kindtagious”

I am grateful for all I have, and all I am learning. My future self is an amazing person, we are becoming good friends. …. Cheers.


Blog 15 the Ripple-ectomy

Hello to all who stumble across this blog. It seems every week has its intense moments. A few short weeks ago I was very discouraged at my performance in the MKE.  As I was at my lowest, that’s when it happened, it seemed every lesson, every scroll, points discussed in the webinars, were absorbed on a deeper level at the very moment I needed them the most. My partner, my guide, my tribe, and the blogs of others reinforced I am not alone, these new habits, this remembering who we are, is a true shock to our system.

The ferocity with which my old blueprint wants to protect itself is quite remarkable…To replay some of the things I had thought or said last week, to be that third person in the room, and see my behaviour, was an amazing display of the ego feeding the subby, with undesirable information, embracing the exact opposite of the laws and concepts I KNOW to be TRUE …. it actually makes me laugh, well..in an overtired laughing/crying at the same time kind of way.

What I am thinking and feeling THIS week, compared to last week, is a staggering difference. Accepting these moments not as “set backs” , but rather the exact opposite, wonderful opportunities to recognize behaviours and beliefs I wish to eliminate, has re-ignited my desire to succeed, fanning that burning desire to take advantage of the abundance around me, in me, the abundance that is me…. Realizing and directing this abundance in concert with my greatest gifts, to live a life of purpose and fulfillment, is the only true path to happiness.

I am here to learn how to use the most amazing tool ever created… My Brain!….. With every wave of realization, of intent, of earnest desire to be better, I become the center of a powerful ripple, casting out in all directions, influencing and mingling with all it moves through. I am claiming and understanding my responsibility to use this gift by casting out love in all directions at all times…. giving the world a  “Ripple-ectomy” if you will. ( lol…I couldn’t get away from that)

As it turns out, I really wasn’t far behind at all. Diligently getting back on the exercises, immediately had a huge effect, the index cards are awesome, so many great memories of things I have done over the years, it has been emotional at times…I am starting to hone in on powerful memories, where I was in the flow naturally, these re-enforce the notion, I am already there, I have always been amazing, now I am finally starting to understand how to experience it on purpose with Love and Service as my foundation.

An new thing I did is record myself reading the entire weekly lesson, also the current scroll….I found it very powerful to hear myself reading these ultra wise lessons, it was like being in third person again, I can step back and hear/see/ visualize myself learning, and clearly see and feel the concepts being absorbed….I intend to do this for all the lessons and scrolls so far over the next week or so. I am excited about the process.  As a First Aid instructor, I am always amazed at how easy it is to see the big picture from 5 feet away, you can anticipate what is next, see the perfect path, recognize what is being missed, watch the thought process, see it evolve and improve with…you guessed it…PRACTICE…. for myself and many students observing, this is the time when real learning happens, a connection is made, you find a way to absorb the process, by some association in your mind, whether that is an acronym or a tune or anything that works.. It felt the exact same way when I was listening to my self reading. The Master Key lessons are amazing, so matter of fact, logical, scientific,  and annoyingly simple to conceive. The scrolls are so powerful, every time, different parts continue to jump out at me all the time…..and newly, the Franklin Makeover is really hitting home for me.

The Makeover almost feels like the first game of the season, after tryouts, practice, memorizing plays, getting in shape. My ability to see subtle gestures is amplified, I notice people living the virtues in the makeover, most importantly, I notice myself living them ! Kindness is such a wonderful virtue to look for, see in action…once you look, you realize it is everywhere….Our world isn’t filled with a bunch of selfish jerks like we are fed to believe, every person enjoys kindness, whether they admit it or not..its in the original blueprint which we all share… I have looked at people and can sense how they are feeling, what they are thinking….. good or bad…..relaxed or stressed….fearful or fearless…. and by an unexpected hello, or friendly gesture, a smile, a tip of the hat, bring them hurling out of their daydream to an eye to eye connection with another human, who happens to be aggressively emanating love towards them. I have always been that friendly, courteous guy, but to do it consciously, and to really be looking for the effect it has on people and me, is proving to be an awesome experience. I can easily visualize how my smile ripples throughout each persons day, they smile too, they forget a worry, they do something nice for someone else, and the ripple goes on, who knows how far, how good is your imagination? A Ripple-ectomy is a powerful thing you know…..I can sense myself changing the world, and I am watching very carefully,  to be able to observe others changing the world. This is a very empowering experience….these virtues are on my mind, the more I think about them, the more I see them all around me, the more I consciously choose to “BE” these virtues, the quicker they once again become, the foundation of my behaviour and beliefs….As an added bonus, they are all very contagious, I trust and know, that by giving myself permission to be amazing, gives anyone who encounters me, the same permission to themselves….one loving, selfless act after another, our love and kindness enthusiastically hurled in all directions, bathing everything in our light, living how we were intended to…….and the Ripple-ectomy begins.


I am so grateful to have the time and space to really get into my blog today…I am sensing that the “Ripple-ectomy”could easily be crafted into a humorous musical/ theatrical movement……into the “Love Onion” Book it goes for some future masterminding…..As I read my blog back I realize that yes, this is the perception and path that rings true to my core. I must increase my realization and embodiment of these concepts everyday. I persist and I succeed, because you persist and succeed….Thank you!



Week 14 blog : The Love Onion

After a busy holiday season,  I found my self a bit detached  from my MKE routine. I couldn’t stop myself from only noticing what I wasn’t doing and feeling guilty for it….Arrgh…..My week 13 blog which I did around New Years, was me reminding myself of all the lessons of the scrolls, and proof of what I’ve absorbed, and a blueprint for my upcoming year….On many levels it didn’t ring true, as I felt like I wasn’t embodying all these lessons. I decided to write my wonderful guide Jonathan an email….It turned out to be a bit of  a blog, shared with someone I trust, and someone I  could be open and honest with. It went like this.

Hi Jonathan

Yes I have been getting your comments, and I appreciate them very much…I thought I had approved them, just checked and you were right, they are now… I’ve definitely had some real difficulty finding the space and time to stay focused, and thorough over the last month…. And was really off the program for a while… It’s funny, during our last tribe meeting I was basically whining about how hard it was, with all the classic excuses that were clearly highlighted in the weekly webinar, which I listened to after….I felt a bit embarrassed later, I’m sure you guys saw it clearly…..I’ve been having trouble with staying positive, when I get behind on my work. I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to work, do it right, or don’t bother. I can’t let “don’t bother”take over, it has been more powerful than ever over the last couple of weeks. Strong waves of resistance from my old blueprint, desperately trying to preserve itself. My blog post reflects what I intend to be, sooner or later. I must embrace these setbacks,  they motivate me to reaffirm my commitment to self awareness, self direction, self love.

So, in the end, despite all the anxiety, worry, and fear, of not being enough…. The shift happens, and you realize you are already there…. It’s just a process of peeling layers back, and let myself BE how truly amazing I am.

The mental space I need to focus is coming…I get to go back to work soon….lol…..I was going to call out to the tribe or you for some motivation, inspiration, sympathy really.  “No need !” its my choice, and I will never find a good justification, for stopping this journey….it is so worth while….I will persist.

Thanks for letting me give a personal blog to you on here. I really appreciate it.

Happy New Year Jonathan. I hope it brings you peace and prosperity.



So….at the end,  I realized, I am perfect already. I have been reading that, and saying that, but this time there was a moment, a wave that pulsed through me…. a deeper realization, and an acceptance of my true nature. Suddenly, it became a tool to combat my self negative thoughts.  Maybe it was just the right level of sleepiness, or tipsiness, combined with Og sinking in finally, that opened my heart and my mind to the fact that I am there already, to see that I am perfect, and that I hold all the wisdom of the universe in all my cells, I just need to give myself permission to BE amazing. The exercises and course work, help me see, remember, and stay in that blissful realization…  When I get close to it, I become afraid of the light that is me…. I just need to peel back all the layers of my Love Onion, and expose the core, that overwhelming, intoxicating, pungent, powerful, raw, essence, which longs to be expressed. My core will bring tears to the eyes of others, and will automatically start peeling off their layers too.

I choose to simmer myself in the warm feelings of joy, peacefulness, and harmony, until all the layers of my love onion soften, separate, sizzle, and release their bitterness. I reduce down, I become sweet and caramelized. No one can pass me by without noticing that pleasing aroma, being drawn to my essence and wanting to indulge.

This term “Love Onion” , came up a few weeks ago in a mastermind with my partner. We were hashing out ideas for our live musical, theatrical , interactive performances we are developing, and we realized how wonderful a metaphor the onion really is for what we want to convey. Peel away at our dry, stinky exterior, go deeper and deeper, exposing the moist, savory, sweet nature of the core of our beings, then stay there, simmer in it, and a transformation takes place…. from eye watering overwhelming bitter pungency, to sweet, buttery irresistible aromas. Both are realities, but one is certainly more enjoyable…lol.

This process of visualizing, and creating this production, with visual aids, music, and movement, are key to my firing and wiring these concepts in myself.

In time I will embody them, and become  a master of expressing the struggle, and the payoff, of believing. Persisting on a quest to be better, to find my true purpose, our true purpose, our true selves. I am worthy, I am motivated, I am amazing, we are all amazing……It’s time we let ourselves enjoy it. I will persist…..No matter what.


Blog 13 Feeling Positive!

Happy New Year, 

 2018 is going to be amazing! I’m very excited about all the positive changes in my life, adopting some good habits, and creating more good habits. Consciously living with love in my heart for all people I meet, everything I see, hear, and touch…. It’s definitely not easy, but when I am in that mindset, with no stress or worries, no fear really for that moment , it is noticeably light, happy, and fun. I have more energy, more motivation, more patience, more compassion. It is my earnest desire to remain in this state more and more every day, until it is a habit, and I can cast down my shield and be a man among men. I persist, I succeed, in all my endeavours, and I am grateful for both my successes and my setbacks. I accept that I am an amazing creation of the universe, uniquely experiencing all its wonder, reconnecting with my ability to consciously create anything I want, finding my gifts, sharing them, spreading joy. 

  I can see my future self, he’s in the end zone, waving me in….. My helmets on….. I’m going in….. Let’s do this! Happy 2018!

Johnny week 12 Blog

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce that I am back! That is , the future me, unbeknownst to you, I almost lost him for a while there….not to worry, that is not going to happen…..for I have spent so much time recently getting to know him , see his every detail, follow the path to him, love the journey come what may, trusting the end is worth confronting every obstacle.

All that being acknowledged…….. during week 12 I flailed…. I was away on an all inclusive vacation just outside of Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. I was traveling with my partner Jasanna, and we were finally experiencing our first trip which we manifested together.

We had both been working very hard during the year , weeks and months leading up to this trip, and very much enjoyed the opportunity to have no major responsibilities, bask in the sunshine, swim in the ocean… eat, sleep, make love, whenever we wanted.

Before our departure while I was away teaching, staying in a hotel room, Jasanna and I had an epiphany of sorts, while talking on the phone … we saw, felt, visualized, and  realized our combined DMP, a common goal, with true purpose… I mentioned it in my last blog …  a way to share our special talents, to give children, and adults, inspiration and belief that you can be anything you want to be….follow, and live your bliss…. it was fresh and charged ….. it is already real, many details in place…. the Journey to our future selves begins. …. When we are on vacation, we can mastermind all day and really refine our vision…….Well………that didn’t happen.

We were successful on minimizing our involvement with the social, judgemental, glutenous side of an all inclusive vacation, but for the first time in a while, were reminded of that feeling of…Fuck It… I’ll do whatever I want…..I want to be lazy….I want to get drunk…..I’m doing no work of any kind……I deserve this!.

We really did deserve some downtime,  a trip together, we deserved to get pampered and catered to, it was time to reward ourselves for our hard work. ….. In exchange…..we will build the foundation of our new blueprint,  visualize its every detail…. (in the end this did truly activate.)…..however….. once immersed in the culture of decadence, self indulgence, maximizing every dollar, every movement, every drink, every bit of sunlight….working on a dmp, or a plan of action to reach our new vision just never seemed to happen. Its easy to justify that the overwhelming nature of the resort, the intense heat, excessive eating/ drinking, and the old habit of  being unconscious, blissfully ignorant, happy and friendly yet very lazy,  often displace feelings of discipline, commitment, accountability, and purpose….and besides….the beach was really windy, not good for paperwork….haha.

I also noticed it when I was teaching the week before as well. I observed a few of my students in the evenings…. other than the small amount of homework I gave them, they were free, out of their normal routine, no responsibilities, no plan, just being there in the moment….I had that Sunday’s webinar to listen to still, another scroll to read, my Dmp, my BPB, listen to my recording, read my chore cards, read “in the flow”, “the laws of the mind”, “the way people learn… …I still had 10 more “do it now’s” and and I only willed what I might be 10 times so far….and in truth…..I had no desire to do any of these…I felt burnt out….I wanted a break ….from discipline, from obligations….since the start of the mental diet, I had never felt worse????? Becoming aware of my normal vocabulary and observing my thoughts and interactions with people has been eye opening…..my pattern, my humour, my gauge for what type of person I enjoy has always centered around their response to biting sarcastic wit….If they immediately step it up, and come back strong….. respect is gained….I respect everyone…but… If they get all “offended millennial” on me, I have no interest in getting to know them..initially….they are too soft……this character evaluation system of mine doesn’t work well with the MKE mental diet…..No opinions at all? No negative ( sounding) thoughts….I may have to just bury my head in the sand and talk to no one…lol….truly silence may be the only answer.

Upon resettling at home….after a long work haul and a busy trip, my vigor and my enthusiasm are coming back, my desire to infect the world with positivity  and  love, once again seems like the  most worthy thing to work hard towards achieving.

I almost quit…..I hate to admit it….. Just getting what i felt was a bit behind, made it more daunting….I don’t want to change how I interact with people, I like sarcasm and quick wit….to me its a sign of intelligence, tolerance, and acceptance that no one is perfect….I am adapting, I can still be funny without a harsh edge, I will bring myself and people up with a more positive humor….and maybe sometimes, just don’t say anything, be a silent observer….ha,,,,what a concept.

It felt like Mark was speaking right to me on the week 13 webcast…..especially after contemplating quitting the course, I was a cliche, doing what a bunch of people do at this point of the course….get scared, want to give up….make excuses……do not do the work…..in many ways I am excelling at certain aspects of  the work…big parts of my DMP are being executed on time, with pride and real results…I must embrace the details, the firing and wiring is critical.

The New DMP is out on the table getting tweaked. Smart goals, and a POA, are almost in place….time to pick a theme, time frames, and dollar figures, ….. I am completely re-animated…..got my cards up to date…wrote out a ton of them tonight….I loved the 2  webinars I had missed, a second listen on a few main points, was worth every bit of time…..It was so fitting that it really dove into why we have the urge to quit…..I really was that guy….and I understand why…..I love myself for being able to see the difference, for having the courage to follow my dream, and to take small steps towards it every day…..Like I said, I’m back…..I persist,…..I’m inspired…..I am doing it now!!!!!

Next blog, coming right up, more revelations!….Cheers.




Johnny Week 10+11

Hello hello everyone. What a very busy three weeks I have just completed. After a month off I dove into three weeks of constant work, no days off…..I shifted from beach cleaning rescue hero planet saver, to Instructor for a class brave Coast Guard medics re certifying their qualifications. This is one of my favorite things to do. To transfer my knowledge and experiences, my mistakes and successes, and my understanding of the real world variables that throw the book out the window during tough scenarios is reassuring for everyone. These are my colleagues, and I learn from them too. Together we hone our skills and work as a team to improve our routines, practice difficult skills, use new equipment, and mastermind with people who work in different area of the Coast Guard. It was an amazing and intense 12 days.

During that time it was hard to keep up with my MKE work, listening to the lectures later, with plenty of interruptions wasn’t working so great. Scrolls , BPB, reading lessons, all happened, just not on schedule…… Its always on my mind, and I have to fight feelings of guilt, or anxiety from getting a bit behind….Finally I realized… I am right where I should be…. to expect to master all of this the first time round is unrealistic, I plan on doing this course for many years to come….so I have relaxed…..and am excited to bring all my lessons to a beach in the Caribbean and review, reconnect, and revitalize my MKE enthusiasm.

My mastermind partner and I , who is also my life partner, had a major revelation about our DMP’s. In fact, both of us are going to rewrite ours on our holiday. We have a new master plan, incorporating our PPN’s , with clearly attainable smart goals, to create an immersive musical and theatrical production, delivered to elementary students across the province, and even the country…. the content is clear,  creatively, humorously, emotionally use basic concepts from the lessons we are learning, to encourage kids to follow their dreams, give selflessly, speak precisely, love wildly ….the possibilitites are endless. It is very exciting. I will keep you all posted as it comes together. It feels like a real purpose, of giving something wonderful to the world. Many of my goals from my original DMP are being met, happening…..and its time to take it to the next level, a grand vision, already created, I am excited to work hard, and watch our journey towards its inevitable physical manifestation.

Amidst feelings of procrastination, short on time, and not measuring up,…..the greatest emotional revelation about what this all means for me , overwhelmed me , I was up all night writing down ideas, visualizing sets, costumes, puppets, dancing, and hearing the music… I know this is going to happen, whatever level it goes to is somewhat besides the point, to create a dream with purpose is the motivation for me, that means its potential is huge….The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.

Love to All……back in a couple of weeks…woot woot!



Johnny week 9

It seems every week since the start of this course has been interesting, and this one has been as well so far. I was finally able to come back to work after 4 weeks off. I must say I wasn’t exactly in the mode yet when I showed up, and we usually have a day to get settled, go through all the gear, figure out a Plan Of Action for our patrol tasks, and ease into it…..Usually its a spontaneous emergency that would disrupt that, but this week it is a bit different.  A few blogs ago I posted a picture of a house on a float half submerged, it was from a fish farm. Well, the owners never acted fast enough and the house slid off the barge into the water. As the Coast Guard, when assessing the original scene, we are looking for potential environmental pollutants, usually hydrocarbons of some sort, gas diesel, hydraulic fluid etc… We couldn’t get into the house at the time, but the owners assured us there wasn’t much in there, only some empty feed bags…..well that was an understatement…. It turns out that there were thousands and thousands of heavy white plastic bags that held 60lbs of fish food, they were empty and placed in big totes waiting to be disposed of. All of these bags over the course of a week or two have been dispersed  all over the beautiful Broken Group Islands, an incredible place of untouched beauty, a recreational wonderland, where wildlife abounds.

 The weather has been atrocious, it has rained over 60cm ( 2ft ) in the last 7 days and storm force winds all day and night for the last 4 days. Our mission was to go out and collect as many bags as we can everyday, regardless of the weather, the longer we wait, the further they spread, the more tangled they get. At first I was not into it….I was back at work to relax, work on a few projects we had on the go at the base…then I got out there and saw the scope of the situation, bags were half buried in the sand, tucked up under trees, twisted around rocks, and they were everywhere. It was really hard and slow work, and it felt hopeless at first. No other agencies were helping, it was just two of us, and sometimes three, tackling a huge area.

My master key lessons were invaluable, I occupied my mind with “Do It Now”, “The Law Of Giving and Receiving” quotes from the scrolls especially “greeting this day with love in my heart” ” I can be what I will to be”…. It didn’t take very long before I felt empowered, I felt like I was helping the planet, preserving the environment for my kid and his kids to enjoy, saving our food sources, just doing something good, happily. A few times my partner and I just burst out laughing at how ridiculous it was to be out there in that weather, but hour by hour more and more bags were put in the boat, at the end of each day, we were tired and cold and hungry, but we made our dinner and our plan for the next day, we went to bed early and got up and did again first thing. Today it was sunny for a few hours, and we were able to cover more ground, we notice the bags thinning out, and not as concentrated, we felt like we were winning. We also got to see every inch of the coast line of these amazing islands, many nooks and cranny’s I had never been in my 20 years working here. Some Staggeringly beautiful places, now with no white bags on their beaches..lol.

It has been a great lesson in perseverance, despite all the obstacles and the scope of the mission, to keep plodding away, making progress. Staying positive and not feeding any negative thoughts (mostly) has been very rewarding, it has increased our motivation and actually made it an adventure that we can feel really good about. I will be back out there tomorrow and look forward to adding to our growing pile of recovered garbage. We are up to about 2500 bags recovered so far, and we will get every single one we can find methodically and systematically, with happy hearts until we are done on Tuesday.
Before this course this would not have been my attitude, and this experience would have been much different, for this I am truly grateful….Thank you once again Master Key!