About John Hughes

Hi I’m John, I’m very excited to be taking the master key course. I live in an amazing place, on the west coast of Vancouver island in British Columbia Canada, and I have a job which I love, that won’t make me rich but takes care of me well, and is deeply satisfying. I am a half time father of an 11yr boy, and he is my pride and joy…. I now share my home with an amazing partner, also taking this course with me….My real passion in life is music, I have been playing and performing for many years, it is my way to spread joy, and laughter, and most importantly it is my happy place where I can be totally in the moment, oblivious to all worries, cares, fears, and judgement… it is an amazing gift, but I want to develop it further, and the master key is going to help me….I am excited and committed…. let the adventure begin!