Johnny Hughes MKMMA Press Release

Hello readers, this is Jimmi Jazz, reporter at large for “Incredible People Magazine” Today I have the privilege of speaking with a very special individual Mr. John Hughes. The date is August 1st 2018, it is a beautiful day in the Comox Valley here on Vancouver Island, and I am catching up with John in his brand new home that he has just fully settled into with his wonderful partner and MKMMA powerhouse, Jasanna Real. It is a lovely large house with a view of the ocean, here in Royston B.C. We are sitting on their large upper deck, with a lovely tray of snacks and drinks, a lovely view of the Salish Sea, the winds are light and warm with a hint of sweet cottonwood, the hummingbirds are very active, and the ambience is relaxed and funky. I am very happy to be here.

Jimmi: So John, It was only 11 short months ago when you embarked on your MKMMA experience was it not?

John: Yes it was Jimmi, and what an amazing 11 months it has been.

Jimmi: Tell me what has happened to you in this time.

John: Well Jimmi, its hard to know where to start but here goes. Up until last September my life was, as I perceived it, very good, satisfying, I had a great job as a Rescue Specialist with the Canadian Coast Guard, a wonderful 11 year old boy named Rowan, an inspiring, creative and powerful partner Jasanna, a healthy relationship with my ex wife, and I had a lot of music happening with my solo looper show and my band  ” Ringside” in Port Alberni. Little did I know how much more fulfilled my life would become, by using the tools I learned during my  MKMMA experience. It turns out I believed my world was restricted, by my work schedule, my income potential, my musical limitations, my addictive behaviours, and my lack of belief that my potential was limitless, and that I could create the exact reality I wanted for myself.

Jimmi: Wow, so how have things changed for you? What new reality have you created? Is it more satisfying than before?

John: Well Jimmi, it all started during the first week of the MKMMA course when we were tasked with identifying our Definite Major Purpose in life. This was no small task, thank goodness for my guide Jonathan who helped me define and refine the exact  wording and nuance of what I was telling my subconscious and the universe to create for me. Its not the kind of thing you want to get wrong, and truly it took a while to believe It was possible to actually do this, and that I was even worthy to have such an existence.  The weekly master key lessons however, proved to me over and over, that I was creating my world already, but unconsciously, why not learn a few tricks to consciously make the universal intelligence and my subconscious work for me! And Jimmi, that is exactly what I did! I tend to identify myself with when I was 22, I’m sure most people have a time in their life, where they still compare themselves to, “how,” maybe more than “who” they were at that time. At that time I was very fit, I didn’t smoke, I didn’t drink much beer, and I was in my “Hippie phase” so to speak. I was wide open and ready to conquer the world. Or so I thought at least. In my DMP I identified, that I want to be fit and healthy again, 155lbs as I was at 22 ( thank goodness I was only 167lbs 11 months ago, it wasn’t too big of a task). I needed to stop drinking as much beer, and get back to a healthier diet, lots of fruits and veggies, lots of fun based exercise, and of course, no smoking! So on November 1st 2017 I just stopped smoking, it was easy, I had been reading my dmp already for a month, and I was free from cigarettes on or before Jan. 1st 2018, why wait I figured. People quit everyday, but for me I realized my belief had changed, I wasn’t quitting, I just didn’t smoke. It was a big step, seeing concrete proof this mind training thing really works. My diet changed too, I didn’t even crave sweet snacks seemingly all of a sudden, I was, and still am more keen to chew on a carrot stick, than a candy bar…. So It happened….. I lost the 12 or so lbs, I haven’t smoked cigarettes in 8 months, I exercise at least a 1/2 hour a day, and I now weigh 154lbs, with no watch, shoes, hoodie, or jeans on, always better to weigh after a big poop too…haha… but basically I’m back, I’m 22 again, but waaaay smarter…haha.

Jimmi: That’s awesome John, you sure do look good, a vibrant, handsome , healthy man!

John: Easy Jimmi!

Jimmi: ahem…yes well….Is that all that has changed for you? What else was in your DMP?

John: Yes there were other big changes. The Dmp is about recognizing your gifts, your bliss, things you love to do, and giving these gifts to the world, wholeheartedly, with no expectation of return. To do this can bring you pure joy! A sense of satisfaction, of purpose. Whether or not it makes you rich, or you are poor as can be, you will be fulfilled, you will be living your dharma……Jimmi, I was very fortunate that I knew without a doubt what my premier gift was, music! I have been playing for 30 years and by most peoples standards I am really good. I knew I could be better, I was an excellent entertainer and had great success playing cover tunes, and spicing them up, or even making parody lyrics for them, but what I wanted to do is write more original music. In my DMP I am a vessel for the music of the universe to flow through. I sing and play with passion and confidence, I write wonderful songs that harness the emotion of the topic, and I captivate and entertain all who listen to me, we are connected, and it is blissful.

Jimmi: Um …That sounds amazing! How is working so far?

John: The last few months have been amazing Jimmi! Whenever I think on a subject with the guitar in my hand, I just start playing, …..chords, images and words start bubbling up from within and a melody unfolds, like a tiny bud to an open flower in full bloom. I hardly even direct the energy,  I am an observer, a conduit of its expression. I have written at least 15 songs that I love since then. I had many original songs, but didn’t play them much, I was always very critical of my own stuff, I always thought it sounded like something or someone’s that had already been written. But they were not, they were heartfelt, usually very exposing about a certain event or time or beliefs I had in my life, and very original. i started by revitalizing my old songs, I re-connected with the emotion and energy felt when I wrote them, and re- worked a few adapting to my higher skill level and deeper desire to play from my source. People loved them, and it inspired me to write more songs. My biggest challenge has been writing new music to work with my solo looper show,  but even that is getting easy now.  I have tapped into the proper layering, and structure of sounds to create fun, textured, mandalas of music and vocals created live in the moment.

Jimmi: So, how have you been giving your gift to the world?

John: My first task was to get my creative juices flowing, start writing again, not everything is perfect, but when you play from the heart, or source as I like to say, the energy is always  good, people can connect to it….Now I feel like I can create music when I want to, direct intention upon a topic, a moment. I am getting good at freestyling in the moment, talking to who is there about what and how I see things, I usually try to inject a little humor into it too…..But I thought I should be a bit more organized, something on purpose, to present to the world…so I have developed a 45min show to play for kids, at a school, a group event, a party. It is mostly goofy fun, but there is a theme, of being yourself, do what you love, and share your talents with the world! I’ve only had a few engagements so far, But soon I will be hired to play for all the school boards on the Island and I’ll be big on the elementary circuit…lol.

Jimmi: It seems like kids today could use a push to explore their gifts, and what they enjoy most, and spend more time doing those things….This is great to hear John. Any other projects on the go?

John: Actually Jimmi, my favorite thing to do is go to several of the local old folks homes, just go in during their leisure time, pull out the guitar and start singing songs. The response is wonderful. I happen to know quite a few old tunes, so common ground is easy to find. Then I start playing my original music, old people really listen to your words, and give you undivided attention. Sometimes after a song, we often get in conversations about the topic, and I learn valuable lessons about the amount of  life experience a perfect stranger has. With age comes experience, with experience comes the realization of every emotion, humans endure so much yet still wake to greet the day. If I can make a small part of someone’s day great, that feeds me, it is my new addiction…haha…and music is a very easy way for me to do that.

Jimmi: Jeez John, You have got me inspired to share my gifts with the world. It may take some thinking on how to share the lost art of under water basket weaving, but I know it can be done….Thankyou!

John: My pleasure Jimmi. …If you don’t mind, I would just say a few words in closing…. I am truly happy Jimmi, I can see so many things I have accomplished in the last 11 months , so many things I know I created consciously. And now I can see so many new things I want to create for myself, and the world. The greatest gift, is that I know I can create them all if I really really have the true desire to make them reality……What a gift, what a power….Thank you master Key…..I am a better man!


2 thoughts on “Johnny Hughes MKMMA Press Release

  1. Johnny, this is truly an inspiring Press Release! I found it a beautiful, heart-felt testimonial to the Master Keys and the story of you finding yourself. Congratulations on the efforts and investments you’ve made, and continue to make in yourself! Finally, how wonderful that after elevating your creative, authentic self, you are giving back by carrying the message to others, young and old! I’m blessed to know you!


    1. Thanks Jonathan, I hadn’t read my press release in a while, Cool time for a check in, I’m not there yet, but reading this has re-inspired me to get writing music, and get back off the sweets and booze…it was a very festive holiday season…lol…….thanks as always for your continuing support and wonderful words of encouragement.


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